About the INetQI

International Network on Quality Infrastructure

This initiative seeks to bring together all specialized organizations that operate at an international level and that are active in promoting and implementing activities on metrology, accreditation, standardization and conformity assessment as tools for sustainable economic development.

In 2002, a Joint Committee on coordination of assistance to Developing Countries in Metrology, Accreditation and Standardization (JCDCMAS) was established by eight international organisations working in these fields. In 2005, this group was renamed as the DCMAS Network to reflect its role more accurately, and two more organisations joined the group.

In November 2018, responding to the challenges of globalization and sustainable development, twelve international organizations involved with quality infrastructure, trade, and international development met in Geneva to enhance their cooperation in promoting the understanding, value and acceptance of the quality infrastructure and providing guidance and support for its effective implementation and integration worldwide. As a result, the International Network on Quality Infrastructure (INetQI) was born.

The Chair of the INetQI rotates each two years amongst its member organisations. Information on how to contact the current chair can be found on the Contact page

Information on each subject area, and on each member organisation can be found through the links on this site. Some public information documents are also available on the Promotional materials page.